Becoming A Freemason

Becoming a Freemason

Becoming a Freemason is a consideration not to be taken lightly, and requires a certain amount of fortitude, morals and a will to be considerate of your fellow man at all times setting an example for others to follow

The basic criteria to becoming a Freemason are:-

1) Be a man of good repute and well-recommended.

2) Have belief in a Supreme Being.

3) Be able to support yourself and your family.

4) Be of lawful age of 18 years.

5) Come to Freemasonry of your own free will and accord.

Ideally you will be recommended and introduced by someone who is already a Freemason. If however, you do not know anyone one who is a Freemason, this can be overcome by contacting us here and we will arrange an informal meeting for a chat, get to know you and your reasons for enquiring to join Freemasonory. You are welcome to ask any questions to ensure that becoming a Freemason is the right choice for you.


At all times,remember the Three Great Principles on which Freemasonory is founded, namely:-

Brotherly Love. That every true Freemason will  show tolerance and respect for others, and wil behave with compassion and understanding to his felllows.

Relief. From early times Freemasons have been taught to help, to the best of their ability, those in distress without detriment to any who are dependant upon them, and to give support to outside charities.

Truth. Freemsons strive for  truth both in their views of themselves and in their dealings with others. freemasonory requires high moral standards and its members endeavour to uphold these principlesin their private and public lives.

A very informative booklet "Becoming a Freemason" is available for download or viewing on the United Great Lodge of England (UGLE) website - please follow this link